Ptsd Without The T?

I have had a few therapists suggest that I may have PTSD due to symptoms I experience. I would agree with that, except for the fact that I have no memory of any obvious, severe trauma. I was hit by a car as a child and had other "mildly" traumatic incidents in life, but nothing that feels like a reasonable explanation for my symptoms.

Just wondering if anyone else had a similar experience.
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2 Responses Jan 31, 2013

I can relate to that and for a while I just thought that must be what they tell everyone they can't figure out what's wrong with. lol They were right. The memories will come back either when your mind feels it's safe for you to deal with now or some other trauma inters you life that makes you relive it all and forces you to deal with it. Most times from what I have been told you mind deals with it when it feels you can handle it and then it just lets it slip out a little at a time so you don't choke while you process it.

I had forgotten what caused my PTSD until a year ago. The memory just came back without obvious reason. Since that, my condition has gotten better but is still there.