There Is A Cure

I have POTS and I hope I have seen the worse of it. I came across a post in which a young lady said she was completely cured of the racing heart, foggy brain, dizziness everything after participating in a reasearch study at the Univ. of Texas Southwestern Medical Center and Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas. I have contacted the hospital and they emailed me back in about 2 weeks. Their POTS program is absolutely FREE and you do NOT have to go to Texas. However, your cardiologist/Doctor must agree and sign consent forms to administer the program and take you off your medication. Basically the program consists of 3 months of hard core/intensive excercises that strengthens the heart. I do not know what the excercises are because they will only disclose the information to your doctor who will in turn instruct you on what to do and monitor your symptoms. I am waiting for my cardiologist, Dr. Zheutlin in Chicago to enroll me in the program. However, in the meantime I do 40-50 minutes of cardio 6 days a week and i feel so much better. A lot of my symptons are gone away and I do not get foggy brained anymore (I had forgot how it feels to not have a foggy brain). I figured that although I do not know exactly what excercises their study consists of, it couldn't hurt to just do some plain ole cardio and boy is it helpful. I decided to post this because I do a lot of research and I try to bring awareness to POTS because POTS patients like myself have a lonely existence and I want to help find a cure or atleast have a normal life. I hope this post can help someone. The University is now enrolling POTS patients age 15-59 for the next few months so at least contact them.

Carterlovely Carterlovely
May 8, 2012