Back to being three days free of self harm again....
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Two days free for me lol

That's good! Is this your first time trying to break free? This is my fourth. Somehow I know I'll never do it for good. I'll always end up going back to it months later.

It's like my millionth lol

Hahahaha. I constantly think while I'm doing it "I should stop. Oh **** it nobody cares to stop me from starting."

Exactly my thoughts lol so I keep going

Yeah. I wanna stop though. My side looks nasty.

I don't care about my body lol

I do. Eventually I'm gonna have to take the make up off and they're gonna see all those nasty scars I made on myself. You should care about your body. Where do you cut?

Wrist ankle legs hip

I'd say sorry but I know I don't want people pitty. How old are you?


That's another reason I want to stop. You're an adult and nobody is there to stop you now. I want to stop before I leave and can do it til I bleed to death and don't have to hide it because I could.

I'm 19 too, trying to quit self-harming for the 6th time now. The 4th time I quit I was free from it for three years - it was great to be able to wear whatever I wanted again. I relapsed about two months ago, quit again a month ago, and I started recently. Quitting again tomorrow, because I know I can live without it :)

That's wonderful. Be strong!

I do it a lot now it sucks

My hips look like a big patch of white skin from all my scars.

I'm sorry :(

It's okay. I cover it with makeup so it doesn't look that bad. :)

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Well done! That's awesome. Keep going, be string. You WILL do it.

Thank you. :) This is my fourth third day.