I Could Be A Director

       I was sitting on a ledge of a high parking building. The building was 7 floors high, 7 large floors. I had just snuck away from my significant other while he sat on the curb at the bus terminal reading a real estate brochure. I looked over his shoulder and saw all the lovely mansions that were for sale. They made me feel happy, giving me hope that one day I would upgrade to such a house. Having feeling very depressed and helpless due to all the countless problems I was facing such as having everything withheld from me in another city by my parents such as my favorite clothes, shoes, heels, jackets, and even my school text books, I decided to runaway to that very high building. And there I sat, alone on the ledge of the building on the highest floor. I looked down and saw people at the gas station below filling their cars with gas...of course.

       I wondered if they even noticed me. There was something I noticed though. I noticed that not many people take the time to look up anymore.
As i was looking down on all the strangers who were as tiny as ants, my eyes slowly closed and I got lost in my imagination. I imagined I leaned forward and slipped off the ledge flying down the building with my long body flat on the surface of the air. My long hair floating above me. It looked to so lovely in my mind. I felt gentle tears sliding down my cold cheeks. Maybe they were tears of desperartion...or happiness. I really dont know. Too many things were upstructing my mind at the time. I open my eyes and see that someone took the time to look up. It was my significant other. He dissapeared out of sight. I just sat their motionless, still picturing me falling off the building. Constantly telling myself that all takes is a split second...all I have to do is move an inch forward and it's done. I was promising myself that it would be done. Suddenly I heard the elevator make the dinging noise it always does when someone is comming on the floor. It was him, the love of my life, begging me to get down and talk. I just sat there motionless looking down on all the people, nearly leaning too far this time. My love started to yell with desperation for me to just turn around! That's all he wanted, for me to turn around. I did just that, and I woke up from my horrible movie. I was back to life, the life where I realized how much this simple human makes me happy no matter what.

I have nearly nothing, well less than what I had before. No parental support or support of any kind, none of the nice things I bought myself in the past while having my part-time job. I know, it's ridiculous to consider not having those things as having nothing, but comming from a life where I had nearly everything to this is quite a big jump for me. However, I do have two things something more of value. I have my loved one who I knew and still know is mine forever, and my unique mind which has me convinced that I could be a director.

18-21, F
3 Responses May 9, 2012

Some times, life is like driving a car, you are behind the wheels, dont look back, no one can stop you. You are the driver, you are in charge, you are the master of your destiny. I love it:)

you should like it!!! <3

woooooooooow i loved it.