Sick Of Trying .inside Im Dying

cant take the bullshit life seems to throw at you. its like just when you feel okay something knocks you to your knees and stabbs you in the back while your down
im only 20 and has suffered with depression for many years. i have tried so much to end my life but every time i attempted .someone got in the way and stopd me from going threw with it

every morning i wake up and think why am i here on this earth .why cant i just die and be with my older brother in heaven or where ever he is
i wish i could take so many things back but you just cant
im sick and tired of trying to over come theses battles ,, prettty soon one morning i wont even wake up. :(

i cry and cry because of being so fustrated

im going crazy i just cant seem to take it any longer.
cantseemtobreath cantseemtobreath
18-21, F
3 Responses Sep 17, 2012

wrote a long piece to help but it crashed will call again soon dont give up

thanks for your honesty ...sometimes i dont know whos hand to grab because i try to find support even when i know its not there

You CAN take it,and it Will get better!Ther is a rainbow just over Your head,and,You will see it
when the clouds part as they will!I have been where You are,many times.I can promise You
that there are many of Us who understand You.I think You are reaching out.Just grab the hands that a reaching back to You.