I Have These Thoughts All the Time.

I have these thoughts all the time. Sometimes it will be more serious than others, but most of the timeits just wondering if it would be better. I guess by cutting myself i kinda never go that far, but its always on my mind when im alone or i've had a bad day. Somehow my mind always wonders back to the same thing.

BrokenSound BrokenSound
18-21, F
2 Responses Aug 4, 2007

see the bad thoughts as an enemy trying to destroy your life and fight back..it sounds like you are going there already. Keep fighting. You are fighting for a life. Hey I have another thought. It doesn't have to be just a life. Like why can't it be amazing...I get so SICK of settling.....argh don't you. Man we just have to CHOOSE.

WHy do you feel like that. What has happened in your life to make you feel that way