Would It Be Better?

I've always wondered if it would be better? it's what makes me think about it sometimes.  The doubt that it might be better than putting up with everything.

Is that a crazy thought? am i weird for thinking it?

BrokenSound BrokenSound
18-21, F
3 Responses Aug 16, 2007

hon, i've thought about it many, many times. and no, it would not be better. cause this world would lose a wonderful person.

no i dont think so why do you feel its a crazy thing we all have those thoughts sometimes

i don't think you are weird. i think it is normal (if there is a "normal") to think about suicide when your are sad or depressed. But you must not dewell on it. i have thought of this same thing many times in my life. But i would have missed so much if i had gone through with it. Yes, i would have missed the bad stuff...the stuff that makes me crazy. But worst of all i would have missed the good things in my life, too. It's not worth it.<br />
All i know for sure is it is not the answer. good luck