Stupid Stupid Fool

Stupid Stupid fool!
What have you done?
Why did you let it out?
You knew nothing could be done!!!
Put it back inside
Close the windows
bolt the doors
Put on your disguise and fix
what you have done!!
This darkness is your own to face
put it back inside and hope
all can be undone
You stupid stupid fool!!!!!!!!!
Blind Blind
36-40, F
1 Response Aug 18, 2007

You can disguise who you are and hide from the world...but not yourself. Its quite possible to feel utterly alone and be in a room full of people and this is what will happen if you lock your true self away. I don't know what you told/did but there are people out there who will love you for who you truly are. So what is the point of hiding. Be true to who you are.