People Say I Look Great So Why Should I Stop?

I wasn't fat. I was sort of chubby. But I know I was fatter than before. I gained 10 pounds after first year at my university. People noticed that. Close friends teased me and called me fat. Family was shocked to see me when I went back to my home country. They also thought I was fat.

My second year, I tried really hard to lose weight. First quarter, I was still fat. Second quarter, I used a shortcut. I asked for a drug. Within 3 months I lost 10 pounds. It was crazy. People were complimenting me on my new looks. Guys started to notice me and tons of them started to hit on me. Of course, I loved it.

How did I do it? I starved myself. I took the drugs and I'd starve myself. I didn't even work out. Since second quarter, I never stepped into the gym and I lost 10 pounds. What a miracle!

I got myself hooked to this drug and I starved myself all the time. Now people say I'm too thin, but I don't believe them. I still think I'm kinda fat. I still starve myself once in while. I'm hungry right now but I can't eat.

I never want to be fat again. But I don't want to depend on this drug. I'm too scared to be off it because I might gain back the weight. Whenever I don't take the pills, I eat like a pig. I need to take pills once a while to maintain my body.
I love how I look right now. I love when people say I'm hot, pretty, beautiful, thin, skinny etc.

I'm so scared I'll be fat again...
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4 Responses Jul 27, 2010

The media wants you to look a certain way, which is really unhealthy. Skinny isn't sexy, health is. Learn to love yourself and manage your health because what you are doing to make yourself skinny is killing your health. Stop looking for approval of others. Love yourself and everything will follow.

What drug was it? Very curious

Sad. :(

you are ugly, without some fat on your body. It is that simple.