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They have outpatient programs for kids and their parents to go to.....
Hi, just wanted to share my story with all you girls/guys.
Well I had a messed up life for having messed up parents, so they kicked me out of the house (basically because they thought I was to old to live their) I respect them, in that their in a relationship and deserve to have their privacy. I was 21 years old. They told me I could live with my brother and that he said it was ok. The truth was it was not ok (my brother just had a baby and no room at his apartment) So, my brother ended up calling the cops on me, because he didn't no what to do with me. The cops told him to take me to the hospital. Well my mom and brother had to find a reason for the people at the hospital and I thought it was a good idea at the time , because I did not want to be in a shelter where people would steal my things/clothes or get bed bugs. Me and my brother are very thin as it they let me stay. They put me on antidepressants/antipsychotics. I am a vegetarian so I didn't eat much. I don't want to go into detail aout the nurses/patients/doctors. Anyways they let me out after 4 months. They decided to voucher me at a hotel (on a highway) for 2 whole months! Yes and I am very upset about these social workers. After 2 months I decided to go to a shelter, but could not get in because I had a warrant in another state (yes I did drugs and had a very abusive older boyfriend at the time, but when I came back home to my moms I quit and was applying for school and just had an interview for a job, she/stepdad still kicked me out) Went back to a different hospital. Stayed there for 6 months, I decided at this point I would stop eating, if I was to eat then they would let me out again and I would have no place to go. They ended up putting me on a feeding tube in the intensive care unit (and no they do not have an eating disorder unit, it is intensive care, and when you have one bite of food they send you and your feeding tube to the mental ward. Also you get babysat while your there laying in bed all day. The pill (yes just one pill they had me on) made me so clogged(Not going into details) up that I was actually throwing up every morning. The doctors and everyone just thought I was sick. They let me out promising the government would pay for my rent. They did pay for my rent for 3 months. Then when I found the found number to the government they said that, "They don't do that in my state." I was very angry and upset so I tried to kill myself :'(. Of course I ended up back in the hospital. Very ill from poisoning myself. And very upset that no one ever called me in those 3 months for a job interview (fastfood hotel service, I had experience in both) So ofcourse they had to keep me this time. I went on back to the last hospital I was at, but the doctor comes in your room everyday to talk to you, and I didn't have much to say, so he thought I was crazy, just because I wouldn't talk to him. I wasn't rude or anything, just everyday he would come in, and ask me the same questions and I would give him the same short answers like (I feel good). They weren't gonna let me go this time, so off to the state hospital I went after being on the waiting list for 3 months. You had to share a room with another mental patient, it was very disturbing. I got attacked while I was in the dayroom. A girl came running at me and slammed my head into a door. I called the cops, had the hospital take pictures, but "there was nothing they or the police could do about it, because it happened in the hospital" (some BS that I will never understand.) They moved me to a different floor. I was very good but it took 5 months for me to finally get Social Security income. They finally let me go and moved me into a transitional housing place. I get my own room it is very small though, I really hate living here because the people remind me of being back at the hospital. Trying to save up money now to get an apartment. Started school in January 2012. They put me on this medication, that makes me have back spasms(and you think a spasm isn't that bad?) It's the world worst pain in the world! I will never take those medications again! There's even this disease you can get from taking them called tardive disconesia. (I've seen about 4 patients with the disease)Think before you become a social worker (working with the mentally ill, sending them to shelters) Think before you become a psychiatrist (spending all day at the mental hospital, trying to talk to patients/prescribe them with these pills that are making people worse (yes I saw people get very upset on their medications, and then the doctor would put them on so many pills, you wouldn't see them anymore, and they would be out. In bed all day (I met a young girl once, and we'd talk every once in awhile, but she was in bed all day every day.Think before you become a psychologist(stuck in the mental hospital, trying to give out written tests to mental patients who will not listen to you)I did the tests of course but the girl who was a psychologist always had this sad look on her face. And think of where you'll end up if you have an eating disorder. Please find something to live for whether it's setting an example for your younger brothers/sisters, nieces/nephews, cousins. Or becoming something of yourself! Thank you for reading my story. Please read my next personal experience titeled- Community College, Financial Aid.

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Mar 31, 2012