My Battle

Well I'm fat... that's all there is to it.

My story is that I love food. Seriously I cant stop eating it. Compulsive disorder...

I have hit rock bottom so I am starting my weight loss journey now. Anyone else just starting out or have any advice for me on this journey that is going to take the rest of my life?
Shattereddreams25 Shattereddreams25
22-25, F
2 Responses May 15, 2012

I have the same problems..wanna talk..I'm here. I'm working on losing some weight as well and it's definitely NOT easy.

Sure.. Could always use the encouragement that talking to others going though the same things bring. I'm always up for a chat. :)

hi shatter!<br />
wierd coincidence i litterally just joined this site like 20 seconds ago lol i stumbled across it when i was looking for some rediculous pathetic quotes i was using to make a point on facebook. whiiich sent me down an hour journey into cyberspace landing me here with your EXACT STORY. i feel compelled to laugh but be really honost and say um hey sence we dont have jobs (i just walked out of mine after FOUR YEARS last week. ) lets make some jokes about how brutally honost we are ready to be about why we are fat and maybe we can really help eachother? my name is laura btw. :) leme know<br />

lol sure. if ya wanna email me. :)