I Heard A Cheer When I Was Running.. It Was Just My Thighs Clapping Me Along...

Hi there! my name is laura
i am 23 years old and had what I call a "quarter life freakout" lol...
After fighting my way to the top as a makeup artist at ulta beauty for four years i realized all the makeup in the world couldnt hide the 30 plus pounds ive put on since cosmo. school. Ouch. Denial and failed HCG diet has left me jaded and down a path of self distruction. I quit my job because my socail anxiety about my weight has consumed me and i am DETERMINED to get this **** off... only promblem.. im laughing through tears... ive been working out every day since i quit for three weeks and not oneeeee measly result. not one pound. not one inch. lol and im bustin ***.! AND WILLING TO DO ANYTHING... ok well that must not be tru otherwise i wudnt be here! lol HELP ME!
I WANT A WEIGHTLOSS FRIEND -FRIENDS who are ready to get f'n serious! lol
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I lost 10 pounds in a month by eating only raw veggies on wheat bread (no sauce or salt ). It worked for me but I have since started eating poorly again. :-(

Hi, I'm new to the site and was browsing that thingie that shows folks local or near you. I'm a handyman and have been working on a new office thats opening up. Its called "The Center for Medical Weight Loss" at 1953 1st Ave ne #A5 right by Brucemore. I heard while I was working there an initial consultation is only 20 bucks. Might be worth a stop in. I know the Doc who is setting this up and he is really good and a very nice, understanding and smart guy. Good luck and let me know how it turns out if you decide to go. Tell them Mark Blake sent you in.

Have you tried cutting out certain foods? a friend at work said she had to loose a lot (more that you) and she has been changing her diet. She says she feels so much better. I'm sure it is different for everyone though.

thankyou rotcod! yes i am starting to wonder because a lot of ppl are asking me that!

Perhaps you have a thyroid issue and that is why you are having such a difficult time losing the weight. You might want to get examined by a physician. Tell him your concerns and he should order up the proper tests to determine overall health.