I've Gained 10lbs

A couple years ago I began getting serious about losing weight. After having my son I lost some weight but couldn't find the motivation to lose the rest. I then began working out at the gym. I was steadily losing weight. I had lost 20+ pounds in about a year. I was able to maintain that weight for a year, but as of April of 2011 I started to gain weight. I was still working out and eating the same as I was when I lost all the weight previously. As of May 2012 I've gained a total of 10 pounds. I'm at a stand still...I've tried multiple diets such as whole food plat based diets, not eating more than 1 meal a day, consistently keeping myself busy when I'm not at the gym, Zumba etc. I still can't seem to lose the weight I've gained. As of this week I will be starting Crossfit  and I will be starting a juicing only diet for 30 days. I'm hoping this will show some results as I am trying to train for a 5k obstacle race I've registered for in August. If anyone has any other suggestions please feel free to let me know!!!!! 
jmadison81 jmadison81
36-40, F
May 22, 2012