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I was an overweight nursing student by roughly 25lbs. I also had alot of stomach problems, headaches, and was constantly exhausted all the time. I saw my best friend loose 15lbs in 15 days and her husband loose 30lbs on the 24 day challenge. I started the 24 day challenge on Monday 11/26/12 .I feel happy, my energy levels have drastically increased, my stomach has not bothered me since I started it, and Ive lost a total of 6lbs in just 7 days. Though I am still considered overweight, I still have 17 days left of the challenge and feel like my desired weight of 115-120lbs is achievable with this 24 day challenge. Where do you see yourself 7 days from now? MESSAGE ME OR COMMENT IF INTERESTED =d
missi123 missi123
Dec 4, 2012