Ugh......i Hate My Weight

It's not even a joke, being overweight sucks (Well, for me at least)! I don't know how it all happened. One minute I was this slender athletic babe eating any and every kind of food I could get my hands on and not worrying about all the calories or where all the fat would be deposited in my body cause hey, I was just gonna work it all out. And that's exactly what I did to keep in shape, track meets, swim meets, daily practice....... When was that, 2006 and years before that.
Fast forward to 2012 and bam!!!!............ I can't believe this round belly was once a hard rock of abs. And these arms?.... Let's not even go there.
So yeah, mastercleanse (lemon diet), cabbage soup diet, atkins name-it, I've tried them all. I have been to youtube and back doing some of those workout videos ad succeeding for only 2 or 3 days. By the 5th day my whole body is sore and aching for a massage and i end up quitting. Maybe what I need is one of those really strict personal trainers or something cause dang, am tired of wearing size L clothes. Just remembering how I once fit in size XS-S clothing just makes me really depressed. And when I get depressed I like to cheer myself up with some chocolate or cake or ice cream, maybe even some cookies. As a matter of fact, writing this entry in itself is already making me feel depressed...........Ok, starting tomorrow am going to start working on myself. Am going to start taking walks, eating healthy and drinking plenty of water. Oh, and throw away all the cookies or whatever remains of them coz God knows I need to lift my spirits right now. Lord help me!
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2 Responses Dec 10, 2012

I get better results with gradual moderate changes that I can live with. To loose weight you have to burn more calories than you eat. People usually burn a lot less calories than they think during exorcise, so lowering calories is a lot more critical to wight loss than working out, though of course it's healthier to diet and exercise. Don't expect quick results. It often takes weeks of dieting before much of anything starts to happen, but if you hold your calorie intake down long enough your metabolism should start to speed up some and it will get easier to loose weight. It's great that you love to cook, just don't eat much high calorie food.

I FEEL one thing you should do is not be so hard on yourself. Truthfully I'm in no room to give advice cause I was once a 165lb point guard, quarterback, basically anything I put my mind to got done. But after reading many books and periodicals I found out that a negative mind frame is as bad or worse then eating your highest carb, sugar, fat, saturated whatever. You remember who you were? Well that didn't change your still her and I'm sure beautiful inside and out relax and think positive.