I Can Control Everything In My Life;; Except My Weight...

i noticed today while feeding my dog that i feed him a rationed meal everyday and if i end up giving him left overs and handouts (i usually do) then i dont give him another meal. so why can i control what and how much he eats and i find myself over eating and thinking i'm hungry when i'm just bored.
Freshmen year in High School, i was very bulimic i lost 50lbs in 2 months by excersizing excessively and for lack of a better term, sneaking off to "rid myself" of dinner; the only meal i ate during the day. Of course i also found myself stuffing my face from hunger and having to get rid of that too. it was an awful time and a horrible; terrible way to live. after being almost 200lbs i got down to 145. and stayed that for 2 years. my Jounior year i got back up to 165 and now; my freshmen year of college i'm back to 200lbs.
i'm not apposed to excersizing to lose weight; i know its the only way; and i dont want some magic pill to make the weight fall off because thats not going to fix the true problem i have. i want to lose weight again and have it stay down. but i seem to have lost my extreme will power to count calories and work out all the time? where did it go?
when everything else is in order; my grades; my schooling; i cut off my current relationship (and most of my friends) because i felt like they were affecting my studies. (not trying to sound like a total shut-in i still manage to find time to goof off)
so i'm not sure what i am questing from this post ... maybe relating stories? maybe a new way of thinking to inspire me with will power?
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Have you heard of the 90 day challenge? I use 2 shakes a day and they are delicious taste like cake batter and have lost 80lbs so far they are easy and i have 100's of recipes if you want to know more this has helped millions achieve their health and wellness goals and i am always happy to help on or off the challenge.

i have not! but that would be something i'd be interested in trying!