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Training A Better Sex Slave

Over the years I have been constantly learning more and more about how to be more effective in training slaves. Far too many Masters appear to believe that force and threats are what are needed to improve a slave's performance and willingness to serve. However I have learned that the old Viet Nam era adage of "win their hearts and mind and the body will follow" is very accurate and appropriate in the development of a sex slave.

I start slowly with a new or novice slave as making her do too much too fast is counter productive and delays the training process. I spend hours working with the slave about her slavery and what it means to be a slave. This is done to reprogram her way of thinking as being a slave goes against everything she had been taught and learned as a child by her parents and society. It also gives me the opportunity to evaluate her thought processes so that I can do a more thorough job of reprogramming.

I am a firm believer that for a slave to be a good slave, she must also be a happy and contented slave. One who is happy and contented is more easily molded and trained to serve without question or hesitation. My slaves have always known that I will never lie to them although I may keep some things from them, but will tell them I am doing so. I demand and expect complete and total honesty from a slave at all times and in all things. By doing this, the slave develops a high degree of trust in me as her Master and knows in her heart that I value her highly and would never do anything that would damage her emotionally or physically. However that does not mean that I hesitate to discipline or to punish a slave when it is necessary. I will, on occasion, cause her pain and discomfort, but I never cause permanent or serious injuries to her.

Once the slave knows that she can totally trust me in all aspects of her life, she is free to concentrate on being a better slave. Part of our talks include explaining to her that a slave derives her pleasure and happiness from and through her Master. That it is her role to make sure that her Master is happy and in return she too will be happy. As her mental training and conditioning progresses, she comes not only to accept that she is a sex slave, but she also believes that she is a sex slave and as such she must do whatever her Master requires of her. The only limitation(s) being those things that she physically is incapable of doing and those things that are totally illegal such as sex with children.

The slave understands that she has ceased to exist as an individual,but instead is only an extension of her Master. That her body is no longer hers, but belongs to her Master....she is merely its caretaker. As caretaker of that body she must take all steps to keep it clean, shaven, and always accessible to her Master or to whomever he my direct. She understands that her body is a form of art and as such it should be looked at and admired by her Master and those to whom he wants to show it. She knows that if I want her to have her nipples or ***** pierced it is because I know it will enhance her beauty and she will gladly allow herself to be pierced.

The bottom line is that training a slave is neither easy nor quick, but requires a lot of work on the Master's part. He must be part psychologist, part teacher, part parent, part confidant, and part policeman. Slaves need to be supervised and to have firm, strict limits so that they know what they are expected to do and what they must not do. They need to know that any violation will be quickly dealt with by the Master who will punish the slave to improve her not because he is angry or upset.
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This is well written and closely reflects how I approach slave training.

Im A New Maste And I Really Want To Be A Good One, My SlaveIs One Of My Most Important People To Me Whom I Cherish. Tbank You For The Insight.

Please use proper grammar.

I am a slave and i have the best master in the world. He always teach me in the perfect way that i am better and better every day for making him happy. For that i live now that he can enjoy me whenever he want. He is the owner of me now and i am his property. And he alone knows what is good for me. Thx that u allowed me to be ur submission slave girl.

Thx for the good explaining. I am a slave and i want to live for making my master happy. I want learn to be every day a better and perfect slave for him. I am a own person but my body is his property now and i will do all what he expect from me.

Thank you for explaining. I had a master, but he did not maintain care or consistency. I ache for a Master who actually has a desire for the slave master lifestyle. If this is not central then what you have is a man who loves to take his pleasure without care for you. Thank you again

I wish I had such an understanding master as you to help guide me. I ache for someone to give myself to in every way and instead have been left in the wake of an inexperienced master and am now attempting an ordinary relationship which leaves me sorely unsatisfied. I want to be a good slave.

This is great, very true. I am a slave myself and I know how lucky I was to meet my Master.

Very enlightening... But not all train in this way,.. Many rule by fist... And there is no knowledge to be gained from this...... If all experiences were as you portray, I wouldn't be here today.

I think this is a beautiful story. It shows the other side and the thought put into it by a really good master. So many just see a girl being used for sex and don't understand the comfort she finds in it. And more again are just plain angry. I especially like it that you understand that it goes against everything she's been taught. Thats really at the centere of it for me. I like it that its opposite of how we are all brought up but I also like my man to understand it too.

wow, this is an amazing article! it makes me feel, well, a little less, concidering i never went through this. then again, i'm only an internet sex slave/pet, so i don't know who that applies...<br />
still, it's great to know and understand, and is very inspirational