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Group Groping

I was in high school when I got into my first circle. A tight group of about ten of us on the track team would ***** down in the locker room to change into our jockstraps and shorts, and go out on the track to practice. Eyes would search here and there looking for anyone who was slow in pulling on their jocks. I know for myself, I would linger a bit longer than necessary, looking for anyone who was looking at my crotch before getting fully dressed. All throughout practice we would make sexual remarks to each other to the extent that we were all hot, sweaty, randy and getting hard-ons. The end of practice was what we were all looking for.... it meant that we could ***** down in front of each other, acting straight but staring at each other's *****. We were out of puberty, but many guys were well into very hairy bodies, while some like myself sprouted only pubes and armpit hair. Any of the guys on the team who weren't interested in checking out ***** were usually in and out of the showers early and on their way home. The other ten of us made small talk, standing around in the nude and talking about practice. When the coaches and the uninterested were out of the locker room, we would make our move to the shower room, a large square with a wide door and five shower heads on each of the other three walls. We would take possession of one of the showerheads and start cleaning ourselves (for real), until the horseplay would begin. First a little bumping into one another,then some patting on the *****, then groping our ***** and turning around to the center of the room for show-and-tell. One guy in particular, Tony, had the longest ***** any of us had ever seen up to that point, and he knew it. He would start the action by pulling on the head of his **** and stretching his shaft tightly, then circling it around the base of his crotch. As he started to get hard, the rest of us "straight guys" would start to harden and build up a raging erection. Just so we didn't appear gay, we would do the same manuever of circling our penises around in a circle so that we were all on the same page. Tony was all in control of the action, and we imitated his moves. When all of the group was hard and breathless, Tony would apply a handful of shampoo to his ****, and begin a two handed stroking of his masterpiece. The rest of us would only need one hand to mimic his moves. Tony would have a simple smile on his face as he watched the rest of us. Now the group would be facing each other around the room, and the methods of stroking were as various as our names, and the exertion applied was fascinating to watch. Three of the guys were so horny that they would begin spewing their ***** within two or three minutes of the beginning of the handstroking. Each of the others would begin their ejaculations one after another, but still trying to time their shots with any of the others. On average, four of us might shoot at the same time, making a big deal of it by hooping and hollering. We continued stroking until the last of the ten of us was spent. It was fascinating for me to watch the expressions on our faces, and to see the volume and strength of the results of our ******* throughout our post-practice exercising. Some had dribbles of ***, while others had veritable rocket blasts of ***** spraying to the center of the shower room. It seemed that the larger the ****, the less force was built up. The smaller ***** seemed more pressurized and had strong eruptions. Some guys would push out their juice in a steady stream; for others, *** would ooze out like toothpaste, some *** just as thick. Only a couple of us had volume and distance. I felt lucky to have good solid blasts of thick white *** shooting with enough force to land ten to twelve feet away, and with anywhere from nine to thirteen ropes of **** flying out of me. In time over the school year, we got more familiar with each other, with ******** and assfucks being made part of the action, although some of the ten who didn't want to get involved left quickly after the circle jerk was completed. I stayed and became part of both the oral and anal ends of the fun. The last one in the shower had to clean the middle of the shower to ensure that the remains of our activites wasn't left for others to view (or to slip on inadvertently). The steam in the room helped wipe out the heavy odor of boy sex that built up during our playing. I have never forgotten our adventures, and still try to relive some of the fun by myself or with my college buddies that I have found like the same games.
BillyBenz BillyBenz 22-25, M 3 Responses Sep 9, 2010

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I so want to be apart of something like this. I'd love to be in a circle of guys ******* off ******* all over the place. I'd totally become part of the oral group for sure

wow that is hot, would love to be a part of that group

I agree! That would be a great competition! LOL!