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I don't want to be the fattest man in the world, but I'd like to help someone who wants to be the fattest reach that goal. I need to find someone big and strong who was a hugely fat kid and wants to become immense. Then, we'd need for form a team to keep him fed, exercised, clean, and healthy while he grows to his maximal size. He would be the superstar of the sport of getting fat. he'd scare some people and offend many, but he'd need to show the world that fatness is a way of life that some people enjoy. What else would have to happen as we help him become immense? --HXTP
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I want to be the fattest man in the world!

id love to be the fattest guy ever

How can I help? --HXTP

Hmmm....interesting idea!

After all the whole idea of EP seems to be writing to communicate about needs and wants without too much pressure. The stress and pressure from life (jobs, people, family, fetishes, finances, schooling, crime, violence, peers, etc.) can be left behind with the stories of life and fantasy here in EP. We can support and encourage each other without the issues of domination, sex, or violence occurring (although some might like to dominate, etc.). This is a complex conversation where we're engaged in the parts that we find fulfilling (pun intended!). Since I enjoy eating and fatness, that what I write about, and I hope that interested you and you participate in it, too. --HXTP

I want to participate so much, it makes me balloon up!

Maybe if you write about what you like to eat, we could work on some gaining for you. Then there are the college years when many guys gaun weight without much effort because their life style changes. --HXTP

I'd help and gain/apprentice along the way but I wouldn't want to be te father in he world