The movie American Beauty really opened my eyes about the world, and the beauty you can find almost everywhere. Whether its light shining in through a dusty bathroom window or leaves blowing in the wind, when I realize these moments I feel... content. I only wish the feeling would last.
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We are surrounded by beauty all the time but most fail to see what is in front of their eyes as they are too busy trying to earn more money.<br />
Our planet is struggling but it will not die unless we allow it to.It is up to us to be inspired by the beauty and change our lives to live in harmony with nature instead of thinking we are not a part of nature and can control it.

Then my friend you have found peace, for those who can see the beauty in the small things will always now peace of mind and have a quiet soul.<br />
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One of my favorite things is to listen to the stilness in the very early hours of the morning before the world starts to stir, how the air whisp by and the leaves talk to each other as they fall. The earth would be a wonderful place if man would leave it alone. Some times I am very sad to know that I am part of the reason our planet is dieing and have been a part of the death of this world. So take those small moments and breath them in and enjoy them, for you they are your connection to this wonderful place we call home.