Dermotillamania: It Can Be Beaten


I have been suffering from Dermatillomania for about seven years, It has got far worse science I began to control my anxiety condition and OCD with CBT and medication. I finished the CBT but was left with this extremely negative coping/punishment behaviour. My worst areas are my face and breasts. As I am getting married next month (my fiancé and I are Christians so have not slept together before marriage) I shared my concerns with my GP a couple of months ago. 

I started CBT three weeks ago, on an intensive short programme. Although I am still struggling and have ups and downs, there has been a significant reduction in both instance and duration of picking and my skin is beginning to heal. I know this will be a long process and I am just developing the skills and tools needed for replacement behaviours but I wanted to share that there is hope. 

Dermatillomania is defeatable. 
I have been kept going by a lot of support from God and my fiancé, even though some family members do not understand. 

Do not give up, ask and re-ask as many times as it takes for CBT. I had to show my GP the severity of picking on my breasts before she referred me, and the self-harm team were to busy to see me in my short time scale (I am moving countries upon marriage). But I now have help and this is the start of a healing process.

Don't despair in yourself or the help available. Yes Dermotillamania is under-researched, yes people including professional medical staff lack understanding, yes it is difficult, but it is not impossible and it can be overcome.

I will try and keep you updated with my progress. 

Necr Necr
May 11, 2012