Taking Responsibility For Diabetes

     There are a few different kinds of diabetes, and there are many people who have it as children. There are very thin people who have it, and pregnant woman who develop it while pregnant. Aside from my complications with having hypothyroidism that went untreated much of the time, I have to be honest with myself. Part of the reason that I developed diabetes is because I was overweight and gaining more and more each month. Part of the reason is that I heard how you could become diabetic, but I didn’t really listen. I always deep down knew I would eventually become diabetic, but I thought there would be clear warning signs in enough time for me to correct the situation. I thought I would be in my sixties before I got it. I had all the pre disease criteria. I had diabetes while I was pregnant with my last child. My grandmother was diabetic, and I was very overweight. I should have known and should have taken care of myself, insurance or no insurance. I messed up and it almost cost me my life. I never like to go along with the crowd, but there I was with the typical attitude of “ it can’t happen to me”. Guess what? I was wrong, it did happen to me.

     When I left the hospital after being diagnosed with the diabetes I was told I would be on the insulin injections for the rest of my life. One doctor and one of the nurses both told me that I could beat it. That gave me real hope. So I was good. I ate what and how much I was supposed to. I gave myself the insulin injections everyday, and I took the pills, until the pills ran out. I just kept testing myself without the pills. I didn’t notice a difference. Then I started to lower the insulin by the smallest amount on the needle marks. I continued to test and every five or six days, lower the insulin even more. I had lost a lot of my vision prior to my hospital stay, and now it was finally returning. I was almost out of insulin but by that time I no longer needed it. I was flying solo on just watching what I ate. I noticed also that if my sugar started to go up, some exercise like a good walk, would take it back down where it should be. Two months before I was dying from it according to the doctors, and now I beat it!
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While I'm glad to hear you don't have diabetes now, yours is the only curable kind - gestational [due to pregnancy] which is known to be temporary. You didn't beat it, it went away.<br />
The main types, Type I and II, are incurable.

You did not beat diabettes. Once a diabetic always a diabetic. What you have done should be applauded because you are MANAGING your disease extremely well. You should be very proud of yourself. If a non diabetic becomes obese he may not develop the diabetes. Much of contracting the disease has to do with genetics, having gestational diabetes & lifestyle choices among other variables. However if you gain weight or go back to your old habits you absolutely will go back to being a full blown diabetic. <br />
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Diabetes is not my specialty but recent studies show that what you'd call "stomach surgery" will eliminate Type II diabetes completely; with no reoccurance. Insc. is beginning to cover the surgery. It's cost effective and eliminates the monetary output for those diabetics who go on to develop other serious medical proglems caused by diabetes.

Best news I've heard in a long time.

The best way is to control diabetes is by natural way.<br />
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i have heard alot of people say walking will help lower blood sugar, will swimming do the same thing? i was diagnosed with diabetes almost two yrs ago and take medication. I try very hard to watch my sugar and carb intake. I really want to get off the meds but not sure if swimming will help or not. any input would be greatly appreicated. thanks

What an inspiring story! Congratulations on beating what could have killed you! How are you doing now?