There is a history of it in my family and my mom was just diagnosed with it so yeah if I get it I plan to beat it.

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You don't beat diabetes if you get it - you learn to live with it. The best thing to do is do things NOW to help PREVENT getting it later! A healthy diet and exercise are two of the best things you can do for yourself -- and that really goes for anyone. =)

Good luck getting rid of it - that won't happen.<br />
I'd like to know HOW as millions of diabetics like me would love to reverse this incurable disease.

You shouldn't "plan" to get it -- make the changes now to prevent it. It's easier to prevent it than to beat it. I should know, because I helped my dad beat his diabetes. It was scary, because he almost died. Luckily, he listened to me:<br />
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Take care -- and hang in there! You're stronger than you realize.