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What? You Don't Beat Your Meat?

Oh!.  I get it.  You're one of them guys who play with yourself.

You say you ********** cause it sounds nice.

Some of you even Jack Off.  Or *******.

Some might even Jerk Off.  You do that to music?

And how many of you play SPANK THE MONKEY?

That's a fun game.

but us REAL GUYS we don't go for that sissy stuff,

Hell, No!!!

We grab our dicks and slap it a few times to wake it up.  Cuss it too.   And the we really go for it. 




Teach that **** who's BOSS.

We even know how to change hands and gain a stroke.

And when we shoot that big load, we shoot it clear across the room.  No piddly little dribble here for us.

You just gotta love to BEAT YOUR MEAT.




PantsR2PN PantsR2PN 26-30, M 7 Responses Sep 7, 2009

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cant beat the one eyed snake

Oh, don't forget to flog the log.

I Beat My Meat everyday!

Shoot your load. Bash your bishop.

But it also needs some irrigation and manuring.

**** your willy.

Don't forget to choke your chicken, boop your bologna, pounding your pud!