A Lot Of Us Do It...............

But We Shouldn't! The Only Reason We Feel The Way We Feel And Allow People To Do Negative Things To Us Is Because We Keep Beating Ourselves Up! It's Like This, If You Beat Yourself Up You Were Most Likely Taught To Do That. You (and/or possibly other siblings) Were More Than Likely Constantly Ridiculed, Criticized, And Contradicted (possibly physically abused, neglected, and abandoned as well) By At Least One Parent (or significant other in your life). You Possibly Also Witnessed One Parent (typically a worthless dad) Treat Your Other Parent Identically As Well! Every Single Negative Thing (most label it consistent bad luck) That Happens To You Is A Direct Result Of You Being Taught That You Aren't Good Enough And You Deserve What's Happening!!!!!!!! In Short You Were Being Hated, Not Loved!!!!! 

When An Unfortunate Little Girl Is Treated Like A Piece Of Sh*t And Talked To As If She Wasn't Worthy Of Being Loved By Her (worthless) Dad As Well As Her Constantly Hearing Him Talk To Her Mom Like She's A Piece Of Sh*t. She Will Grow To Be A Woman Who Will Instinctively Choose Pieces Of Sh*ts That Call Themselves Men That Will Treat Her With No Respect At All Because Her Piece Of Sh*t Dad Taught Her To Accept That Is All She Will Ever Be. Unless She Is Able To Break The Cycle And Survive!!!!!!!!!!!

If You Brake The Cycle And Learn To Love Yourself You Will Stop The Beatings And End All Of The Negativity From Losers Because You Will Never Again Allow Them In Your Life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If Negativity Breeds Negativity, What Does A Lifetime Of Positivity Breed?????

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I grew up the black sheep in my family, and was surrounded by these toxic relationships. I always subconsciously welcomed negativity. I knew I was doing it and I work hard in every way possible to be aware of what I do and dont deserve. I feel lazy when I just succumb to my emotional impulses. It is strange how people believe they are a victim of their own personality lol

Nobody should treat a member of their own family that way. Shame on them!!!!!

Thanks for the reply!!!

this post should be on the wall in every crisis center! Thank you for sharing

LOVE YOU!!!!!!