Bad Grades, I Never Understand, Im Stupid

i just dont understand math at all i mean like i understand none of it. my brain just dont work like that. im dyslexic but it affects reading only a little bit like im slow but it mostly affects math--i just cant do it right. But my new family dont understand that i just cant do it. My Dad tries real hard to explain stuff but it just confuses me more. I got afterschool tutors and they are very nice n take their time with me but I dont get it an it makes him angry. He think im being stupid n lazy like not trying hard enuff.

i got in a huge argument with him after i asked him for help with 60 problems i had to do for homework. i couldnt understand the example they had in the book. instead of explaining the problems I had and how to solve them he gives me examples of other problems and say if i can solve them i can solve the first ones. Problem is the 60 new problems he gives me are in the next chapter and i totally dont understand them at all. I keep asking him please, please, please can you explain my homework problems not those others we havent got to those yet. but he keeps going

we argued, n i told him i hate him, hate math, and im not doing any of it anymore...then I my room over the garage separate from the house so i can cry n nobody there to make fun of me being a total failure. I know im smart i just cant prove it..ugh.
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It's okay I was just like you just get a tutor if you really need one then your work should improve

You're either not very smart stuck with overly encouraging parents or you're too lazy to get things done and want everything done for you. In case you really are smart, let me explain maths: In maths, you write the answer the teacher wants. You associate formulas, methods with problem types and do them. Don't try to understand, just run the formula on whatever problem you are given.

eg: A circle is pi*r^2 - Why? It doesn't matter why, it doesn't matter where pi came from, it doesnt matter why you use the radius, your teacher wants you to do 3.14 * r to the power of 2 so just shut up and do it. Call it the area of the circle like they tell you to. Maths are meant to teach you to submit to authority and jump when you are told to. It works, given the stupid majority that pleagues today's society. So just pretend you are like the rest of the sheep and all will be fine. When you are older, then break out of the mold.

If you cant prove it, you are not smart. Crying wont help, work on it unless you have some other plans.

that the dumbest thing i ever heard. everybody different so stuff im good at you might not be good at it so why try to judge me based on how well other ppl do stuff?? they suck at most types of art but i can do almost anything like drawing, painting, sculpt with clay really good stuff but they dont have to take a test to see how artistic they are so they never get judge like i do. its not right.

I am not judging, what i said is fact. Help yourself, post like this will not help you.

u dont understand i am trying to help myself everybody is trying to help me too but nobody can explain it so it make sense to me THAT the problem. an u wrong post like this do help me cause it get off my chest.

Only you will know what will help you, no one else here will. EP people might put 2 good lines but that will not help with your problem. Do some research, try to learn and move on.

um actually if i know that then i wont be having the problems i got now duh. i just looking for ppl that been there and can tell me how they made it thru. u sound like my new parents they just dont understand it either i AM trying to learn i cant try any harder why nobody understands that idk?? i can only move on if i pass it during summer classes which mean i gotta take it again so all year plus my summer too it never ends im just tired.

Just hang in there, keep trying I am sure you will get through! Asking for help is not bad but you need to ask at right place and right people. Also there are not many who will admit this type of problems. Good luck.

thx i appreciate it. oh ur avi pic is funny too xD

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