I'm still picking on myself for saying things slighty wrong, and some of the utterances are decades old now lol!

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I don't think it's so much about lost moments/opportunities in love, it's more about things I've said to people that were cringe-makingly wrong, or bitchy. It wouldn't be a big deal if there weren't so many of them.:)

i thing we are either people who wish we could have said the perfect thing or do the right thing at the moment but alas it is gone. i guess we ruminate over lost opportunities with relationships with love interests that bugs us or the moment to feel important, that's why we carry these moments in our minds. if this is all that troubles us, lost moments then we should be grateful, there are so many things out there.

I do this constantly aswell, going over conversations I had years ago and saying "why didn't I say that right, Jeez I'm an Idiot" <br />
<br />
It does my head in the way I pick on myself

No it's not just you lol, it's like a very good memory, for conversations etc especially, and a tendency to criticize the words even the self of over 20 years ago.

I do the same thing lol. I always thought it was just me.