I Almost Lost My Home.

In Sept last year my work hours were cut from 32hrs per week to 15, after a disagreement with the manager of our facility. A few days later I rang my bank to let them know what had happened and to get my morgage payments cut for 3 months, which they agreed to and told me I could pay $500 a month for that time a saving of $400 a month, really helpful at the time.

On the day before the 3rd payment was due I rang to tell them that there had been a hitch with the payoffice and thew pays would be a day late. I was informed by the person on the other end of the phone that I was already in arrears because I was supose to be (according to their computer) paying $500 per fortnight and was $2000 behind. Well I just freaked out that was not what the agreement was, why when I had lost hours at work ring them and arrange to pay more than I was paying in the first place does that make sense to anyone??. I was told thats what was on their screan and I had 14 days to make up the total arrears or make arrangment to pay to catch up or they would start proceeding to recover money. I hung up on them.

A couple of days later I rang again and was told that I had to agree to pay $360 per week to catch up, I said I could'nt afford that and was told well we'll have to sell your house. I told them I was making $876 per f/n at the time with 2 kids under 10 and was a widow on one wage was told not their problem and was given no choice but to agree, knowing damm well that I was not going to be able to keep up those payments.

I then asked them why the arrears could'nt be added to my loan because my home is worth $280,000 and the amount owed in total was $102,000 so I have a lot of equity, I was told no because I had defaulted on my payments. So in the following months I tried my damdest to keep them up I cut off everything I could to save money and meet payments including phone (cut to ring in only) mobile phone to pre-paid, cut off internet (why I was gone from here for so long) cut back on food let insurences go and begged my bi-tch boss for more hours. Still was'nt enough I could'nt keep up payments

I was defaulted again and recieved notices for repossesion and was given 14 days to repay full amount and appear in court in Sydney (a joke I was struggling to feed and clothe my kids let alone travel 6hrs to a capital city) Then I go bloody mad and thought no friggen way are they going to get our home when it was those ***-holes who put me in this boat I had done all in my power to keep up what they wanted and it still was'nt good enough.

Igot in touch with a financial counciller who ttok on my case then got in touch with the banking complaints service and loged a complaint, then I found out that doing those 2 things put a stop to eviction procedings until it was heard by the complaints service. I could breath a little, in the mean time I complained to my head office about what had been done by my boss (turns out there was a heep of complaints go in about her at the same time) I tottaly fell apart while being spoken to by the sate manager of our company and the whole lot came out the bank fight, not being able to feed or clothe my kids the way they needed to be, How my 80% of my pissy wage was going to the bank right done to the fact that my hair was falling out, and despite begging the bi-tch to give me back some hours (which were there to be given she was told the others that I was not to be called in even if they were short). He told me to stop stressing that I woulld get my hours back and this would not happen to me again. (i was and so far touch wood they have stayed the same)

I the mean time I was given a confrence call between the bank myself and the compliants people, The bank got a bit of a caining for putting me through this when I had a good record and a sh-it load of equity and were told it should never have got this far and the way they had dealt with me was nothing short of bullying. My repayments have been frozen on $350 per fortnight for 12 months to be reviewed again then. I've got my hours back at work again and things are returning to as normal as they can be for me. I can feed my girls, we can have treats, they can do jazz ballet, and play tennis again I.m catching up slowly on my bills. But best of all is we have our home the bast-ards did'nt get it (my hair has even stopped falling out)

My advice after a horror (another in many since my husbands death) is NEVER stop fighting.
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I really felt for you reading this story. <br />
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Thank God you perservered and got it sorted in the end.