A Beauty Rescues Her Country

One European country got into big trouble with her finances..bankruptcy ..overspending & what not.. her credit was about to sink..so what to do??
The head of country knew well that neighboring rich state & in good financial position has President who is big womanizer & loves beauties.....-
so-- he calls his country's very beautiful most sexy lady & pleads 'to make some sacrifice ..to spend some time in neighbor country's Presidents Palace.."-- Ok no prblm that will be my service to our country replies the sexy beauty !! but Sir.. I have one condition..!!-
oh what's that..we will fulfill all yr needs..just tell.... asks the head..
The Lady tells "Sir, I am longing to see you in privacy..with all yr clothes down & just touch yr parts..nothing more..!! --
This shock surprises ..but.blushing . head says ..Ok we will do that.. so finally with her wish & condition fulfilled  the Lady is sent to neighbor rich country's head for good reasons u know..
Wow... wow.. the lady returns very much smiling before midnight & surprises her country head on 'fulfilling so early.."
He politely inquires--' so yr smile shows all went good..!!??
-Oh yah... the lady replies.-."We had good time..kissing.. & touching..chating..I surveyed  him...... completely unclothed & thenSir,  I described yours all parts as I saw & enjoyed touching them.. specially your very nice *** & *** hole..""'--- so immediately he asks me to return ...&... send you there...as he loves .. Nice Unused assses more than used up ******..--!!!!!!! Sir.. it will be a small sacrifice for our country.. please go there quickly before he changes his mind.."---- !!!!!!!
sanaku sanaku
41-45, F
May 23, 2012