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My name is Ashwin. I am a foot fetishist from the age of 10. I have a lot of foot fetish stories to tell. But now,  in the following  I will tell my most interesting and important incident I met with foot. Hope you like it.
A year before I was in 9th std. It was the time of examinations. And so one day my eco-club teacher incharge Miss Shobha  informed me that we will have an campaign around the town after the examinations and asked me to inform to the other students too as I am the eco-club student leader. Miss Shobha is a tall fair colored, blond haired beautiful lady of 29. She always wears chudidhars, an Indian dress, and open toed heels. I always fantasized about being her slave. The next day she called me to the club room where she alone sat cross legged. She told,” hi Ashwin , I want you to be with me the entire day to make some 350 pluck cards”. Of course I did not want to miss the revision classes but this was the divine order from my fantasy teacher! And I told, “whatever you say miss”. Ok then start now.
I started make some boards and nearing some 20 around she asked me ,” what about your exams?” I told I was fine with all except mathematics. She told that she was really  intelligent in that one. I asked her what I can do for getting good marks in it. She told, ”there are many ways you can pass it, but the simplest way is with me “. I asked, “please miss, please tell that, please”. She told,” alright I will tell you, all you need are my blessings”.  Without showing my fetish I told , “miss pls bless me.” She told  me “ok then , if you want it you have to kneel and bow down and touch my feet with your forehead, got it?”. Immediately my **** became throbingly bulged. With just showing some hesitation , to cover my fetish, I bowed down and touched her feet with my head. She told ,” it isn’t enough, you have to beg me for my blessings, you should devote yourself to my feet”.
I said, “pls miss, iam your poor devotee, pls bless me”, and repeatedly bowed and touched her feet “.she said ,”does a devotee call his god a miss, call me goddess you **** head and you are not my devotee but a slave , a foot slave”. I said, “ oh divine goddess , I am just your foot slave, please bless this poor slave, goddess” she then took one of her foot and put it on my bowed head and pressed it with her heels and said,” ok slave I bless you”.” Now I have blessed you but what are you going to do as a reply?”. I stood and said, “whatever you say miss” she angrily said,” I am not just your miss but your goddess, call me goddess slave!” she kicked me in my stomach and I laid on my bach in pain. She stood up and came near me. She put her heel on my chest, “ I want you to be my slave for the rest of your days in this school. You should tell no one about this and should always call me as a goddess when we are alone”.
I nodded in pain. She went back to her seat and crossed her legs again.” Now you may continue your work”. I started to make some more boards after some 50 boards she said .”are not my heels dirty? ” It wasn’t, but just some dust was on it and the bottom was dirty.i said ,”yes goddess, they are “,she said,” then what the **** are you waiting for, clean it you slave. I went near it and started to clean it with my uniform,she shouted , “hey you fool they will be scratched and the dirt won’t go, clean it with something soft and wet”. I told,” goddess may I get a wet clothe?” she replied,” not necessary slave, you have all that you want with your self, clean it with you tongue”. I was awestruck, my fantasy was becoming true.
I started to lick her heels slowly every inch, it did not taste worse for me but the dirt was . I finished and looked at her face,  she examined it and forcefully kicked me on my face and I fell down . she stood and crushed my face and asked,” who will clean the bottom slave?” I did not want another kick from the goddess and hence I suddenly knelt before her and begged for pardon. She went back and sat and I started to lick the bottom of  it. The shoes were shining as a new one bought from a shop. Now she was satisfied and told me to continue my work. And by evening I finished everything  and once again bowed and touched her feet and left the room with her permision.
The next day I was once again called and I happily ran to be her slave, when I went there I couldn’t believe what I saw my strict principal and the gardener were bowing before her feet. I zoomed to her and I too bowed. My principal told,” ashwin our goddess told me to make you get a centum in mathematics, and I will give you”. I was really happy and I kissed my goddesses feet.
She spitted on all three of our faces and told that ,”that’s my gift”. We choresly told,” thank you goddess”. And she told that we may go.
After we went out of the room , I asked ,”you too sir?” he just smilingly nodded and went away. The gardener too tapped me and went , but what I couldn’t understand was that how  they  became a slave like me, that too my strict principal. But any how I was happy that my fantasies became true and  for that I got a centum in the toughest subject, mathematics!
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I wish I would have had a teacher like her. I could kiss, suck, lick, clean and eat her feet all day, and beg her to slap my face with her feet if I did a good job.

I would lick her feet any day

which school it is, n were it is


I want to be ur slave mam.

Oh my god! I have a foot fetish too. I'm female though. I hope the same thing happens to me.

i like to do them to u!

Check grammar but other than that it was a great story

do v really have such teachers in school

malayali mallu

Fake and cooked up

dude thats ****** up in soo many ways

fake story

Your grammar is awful.

Awsome story..!!!

cool one

perfect story