I Became a Junkie

I used to love "poppy pod tea" and used it whenever I'd be sore from work. For those that don't know, poppy pod tea is made from the seed pods that form on the end of the poppy plant- aka "Papaver Somniferum" or "The Opium Poppy." This is a quasi-legal way to get high on natural narcotics.  It is way better than any painkillers on earth, with the exception of injected heroin, but that's a totally different deal.

I started doing this two Marches ago.  It really all began the previous february, though.  I was given a big bottle of Vicodin for an injured back.  The 45 pills lasted me three weeks, and I'd take anywhere from 2 to 5 pills at a time.  When I moved back into the dorms at UW-Stout, I brought my bottle with me.  I had 9 5mg pills left and I decided to just eat them then.  I did, and I enjoyed the hell out of it.  I then bought illegally or conned doctors into prescribing me more of them.

Eventually, I started buying poppy pods and making tea with them.  At first it was "meh" but after a while I loved them.  I loved them too much, actually.  I drank the tea twice to three-times daily all the next summer.  When school began again (fall 2005) I went into rehab and got on Suboxone.  I bought one bottle and couldn't stomach the taste so I quit.  A month or two later, I went to a doctor to get painkillers.  I actually have a problem with my arm, one that hurts like hell to this day and still causes me to miss work.  He prescribed methadone because it wouldn't be 'abuseable' really and would keep me out of pain.

It did a very good job. I didn't abuse it, and I didn't have pain.  I didn't abuse it, but I didn't 'not' enjoy it, either.  Eventually, just short of a year, I began taking more and more, but never more than my prescribed dose.  I went from 15mg once daily (never took the other two times a day allowed) to 30-35mg daily. I was even begining to take it twice daily, as was allowed, but wasn't good for me.

So, I was allowed to take 20mg three times daily, but instead took 30 twice, or sometimes 40 once.  I needed it for pain, actually, but I also got a good buzz off it.

Because of this, I ended up going on Suboxone again, with the same doc as before.  He prescribed me 6mg at first, then a week later he upped me to 12 and now I take 16 to 20.  For anyone who knows about suboxone, those are extremely high doses.  Not many people take so much.  I have the highest dose in my clinic, to my knowlege.

Switching from Methadone to Suboxone from 40mg M-Done daily was hell, I tell you.  You have to wait until nearly all the methadone is out of your body before taking Suboxone or you'll be thrown into the hellish condition called "precipitated withdrawal" which is basically regular withdrawal, but instead of it taking the course of days gradually progressing, it comes on in minutes and ends in hours- squeazing a lot of pain into a short time.

Having to get the methadone out of me, though, was hell in itself.  I had to go three full days without taking any or I'd risk the precipitated withdrawal.  The doc gave me 9 tablets of 5mg oxycodone.  It wasn't hardly enough.  I took three the first day, then two the next, and snorted 4 the last day.  I didn't get a buzz, but the instant relief from the withdrawal I was in was 10 times better than any high.  Well, not really...

Its now three months and I haven't taking a single painkiller outside of Suboxone in this time.  I've smoked a little pot, but not much- I hate the stuff, actually.  It saved me from running out to buy a balloon, though.

Hammilton Hammilton
18-21, M
Nov 14, 2006