i always knew i wanted children, but dnt realise id b one at such an early age. i had so much i wanted 2 do b4 i had children, like being famous, im good at impersonations (accents) can sing n maybe i wanted 2 b an actress. but bein a mum became my priority.

i married at the age of 18 n by time i was 20 i realised that the guy i was with wasnt my true soul mate, so i put in for a devorce, little did i realise i was pregnant with my second child.

after my devorce i took 2 smokin canabis (big mistake)

when my 2 children were in full time education, i went back 2 college 2 study drama, only part time but the man i was with decided 2 beat me up. he wasnt sent down but i made sure this man left my life.

so when it came 2 my results from the course, i had passed but just. i went out 2 celebrate with a friend, n met wot i thought a nice man?  i caught pregnant again, when i told him he just said "whats it got 2 do with me"

 i had started a full time course in college doin drama n found it hard 2 concentrate, i started 2 loose blood n went straight 2 hospital. my scan revealed that the pregnancy was fine, but i noticed that it was different? i was told that i was havin twins. what a shock 2 the system, i was gonna b the one thing i never wanted 2 be `a single mum` not only that id have 4 children 2 look after.

i again met a nice man b4 the twins were born n he took care of us all. but it wasnt 2 last.

now my children r 14, 11, & 7 n fingers crossed this time iv met my true mate. 

squally squally
31-35, F
Sep 29, 2006