I rather meet a bear which has lost its cub than a person without Integrity.


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I was betrayed by a group of friends . The main culprit of this was caught red hand by me while back biting and falsely accusing my wife for brain washing Martha at a group camping. Though Martha and the culprit knew each other well, the culprit was busy with her other friends in the group without giving any heed to Martha, which made Martha bit upset and was feeling comfortable with my wife in the group. When the culprit found that, Martha is not mingling with everyone but rather sticking to my wife, she started blaming my wife that she has brain washed Martha not to be with them, which is not true as per Martha's confession. 

I got very angry, as the trust of friendship was broken, asked my wife, that we should separate from these kind of friends unless they apologise for what they have done which they never did.

One day when I called the culprits husband to give him an explanation, he apologized for what his wife has done but his wife went on justifying without giving any explanations and kept changing her answers every time she spoke. Bitter words were exchanged in between by both the parties.
Now Martha and her hubby for whom we fought for truth is entertaining those who hurt us very badly, knowing what they did to the us, who stood by their side during false accusations.
Mean time we met an other nice couple through Martha who are very very friendly. We knew that this new nice couple live in the same complex where the culprits live, but we also knew that they hardly spoke to them.

One fine day  we came to know that this new nice couple who knew everything about the culprit started entertaining them overlooking what they did to us.She even said to my wife that, she is feeling guilty of doing this and openly said she doesn't like that woman.

 I became very upset because i didn't have any issues if they said Hi and Hello but when I came to know that they go to movies together and visit each other for dinner and lunch, we were disappointed and very sad and called them personally and requested them not to discuss what they do and where they go with their complex neighbours. We even ignored some other friends for this new nice couple as they liked to be in our company.

Recently we saw that this nice couple through the influence of that culprit, has shaken hands with other of her group who treated my wife like a servant and didn't even bother to apologise. 

The fact is, we have lost hope and are not interested in calling any one as friends because I believe that though a person has right to do whatever he wants but as a friend, one wont do something which might be technically right but ethically wrong and hurts his friend, who is some what close.

Now because of their faithfulness we are contemplating to just maintain distance from Martha's family and the nice couple and just be an acquaintance.

I believe that a person cant be faithful to two people were one is hurt by the other.

My question is, How come some one can call us friends and entertain the one who have hurt us very badly?

If I come to know the person whom I am meeting has hurt one of my friend, I will ask what went wrong and If I find, it was his mistake, I will ask him to apologise my friend before we become friends, so that it wont hurt my old friend, so that justice may prevail.  

My wife says we are not suppose to Judge and she quotes from the teachings of Jesus but she doesn't know that the same teachings ask us to judge in certain situations.                                             

I believe in light and don't like to enjoy moonlight like the Lukewarm.

Either be in Light or darkness. Moon light is lovely but good for nothing.

She says let God be the Judge and we be good to everyone. I might be wrong but I believe, If we keep quite and let everything in Gods hand we let those corrupt people prevail in their ways.

All left us and they called us losers because whomsoever we stood by are still hanging with them!

Today the Nice couple has started showing their attitude by ignoring and in return even I started doing the same.

I believe that if we try to walk in truth, we experience rejection but does that mean that we  be a friend to everyone without standing for truth?


sunaurmat sunaurmat
Mar 18, 2009