Pregnant At 18

i was 18, i was in a relationship for 3 years with someone i loved at the time and thought i would one day marry and have kids with, we had already talked about it and had started looking for houses to move in together, so i was in a very stable relationship(so i thought at the time).

i found out i was pregnant, i thought about what i should do, and it seemed like the wrong thing to get an abortion, when the child had 2 parents who loved each other and wanted to make a life together. i wouldnt want to ever get an abortion, but i cant say that id never have one, depending on the circumstance i couldnt rule it out, anyway in this case i didnt think it was the way to go.

the childs father didnt agree, he said alot of horrible things like he would say it was not his child, i should abort it, etc. he was young, i dont hold a grudge that he said those things, he was probably just scared. after not too long he got used to the idea and was as happy as any other dad to be about the baby.

so the baby came, we both love her like nothing else, and have no regrets.

we broke up after a while, for various reasons, we had a pretty clean split and dont fight much. we have shared custody and everyone is happy. he is a fantastic father.

i think having my daughter really gave me direction when i had none. i have never thought much about the future. maybe that would have come in time, but i think where i would be now if i didnt have her, and i imagine i would have a sad life.

she is my best friend, she is so smart and funny, i adore her. i wish i got to spend more time with her its hard because i work full time so only see her at night and every second weekend.

i know sometimes people judge me for being a 'single mother', it annoys me because im not ashamed about my child. i cant help the fact that her dad didnt want to marry me. yes i had pre-marital sex, but seriously i dont know a single person who hasnt done the same.

im proud of her and im proud of myself because i really try to teach her all i can, and it shows, shes awesome.

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Wow, this story brings back memories, I got married, and got pregnant at 19.In that order.I wish sometimes that I had waited and married later on in life.But I am very glad that I had my kids at an early age.It's sort of like we all grew up together.It's been 19 years, I am currently divorced, and glad of it.And I raised my 3 kids on my own.It took the dad and me 13 years to go from all the fighting to finally speaking to each other with some respect.He gives me much respect, and much credit for having the courage to raise our kids on my own.My kids are now teens, in college and high school, thank goodness.

what do feeel they judging u for?

see getting pragnent is not a great deal u can even at 14 or 15 but here it was a mutual consent between boy and girl, we have to think was this relationship was right, here the role of parents r more then anybody else, although this auther has tried ti justify but the real advice for this mom is not to let the same thing to her daughter, rest it is ur thinking and idea. moral is SEX EDUCATION SHOULD BE MUST FOR YOUNG KIDS.

there are very admirable qualities in your story. first of all, i do not know how you managed to make a clean split with little fighting, but very well done. i became a father at 18 and i agree, it quickly gives a person a sense of direction. although i did marry the mother and subsequently had two more sons with her, the thought of love kept us together. recently she found it in herself to leave me and the boys. sighting various reasons, among them , she was just going through the motions. much better to have decided to do what you did than how i did. now i have to move on when i thought everything was ok. you are immensly strong and i hope you always remain as such.

Hmmm reviewing nomo's comment, you don't sound like a "horriblegirl" to me

aaw thanks for all your nice comments, and thanks for taking the time to read my story! <br />
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nomomisery- there have been a couple of 'new men' come and go but nothing seems to last i dont think anyone can stand me!

It sounds like it was a hard time to have a baby , but you had the strength to go through with it and the good attitude to keep on going ; don't lose that and you'll do just fine .

Good for you, you've got a great attitude. And hopefully a wonderful daughter. I can only imagine how tough of a time it must have been for you, but I'm glad to read that you aren't regretting it.