So I posted last week "I just became the other woman". Thought I mentioned that we haven't had sex yet. So we've been taking things slow...(as slow as one can when both is excited and both haven't had intimacy for a while). We've been fooling around a bit after work....but yesterday we tried to take it all the way. Problem is he was so stressed he couldn't even get a proper erection! Now I have felt Jack's* penis and thus I know that yesterday was a bit embarrassing for him. The poor man hasn't had intercourse/sex in so long that he literally came before he could even insert himself. Now I have said the both of us have one child. He is married and I'm not although iv'e been in a relationship for 4 years. Since baby was born me and her dad have drifted apart and the only reason we are still together is for her. Jack* is quite older than I am. His son is 19 and i'm 22....yes yes I know....I could just as well be his daughter. Come on don't you think I know that!! If you've never had an affair then you wont understand. I know i'm still a bad person for cheating....but if you have read my previous experience then you would know that its purely sexual. So hopefully next time....he'll be able to control himself for a bit longer....
Maddy1992 Maddy1992
22-25, F
Aug 20, 2014