When I got high on life, I realized I could fly!
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1 Response Sep 2, 2014

This only happens to me when I get out into nature. I can feel my spirit start to lift and then soar with the wonder!

Exactly! Cuddles, I am alone most of the time. ...But, living so deep in the woods, I am taking on a new attitude. I have time to think, feel, see and ohhhh... this beauty that is all around me... throws me into a state that can only be called.... "Peace of mind"

You are becoming one with the world. By that I mean nature.
I wish a little piece of me could be there to witness the beauty. I have dreamed of spending months exploring New Zealand or maybe retiring there so I could tram about and discover all the wonders.

So mote it be ... my friend! Sounds lovely and full of experiences!

I hope you realize your dream ... New Zealand is one of nature's jewels. Here you can wander through the native bush and really enjoy the wonders or nature ... there are no poisonous or dangerous animals over here and each of our three islands is like a different world, each with its own wonders ☺

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