Mishandled Logic...

Normally i am willing to do anything for anyone. I love everyone. i dont care if they lie or cheat (its not really cheating if i allow it though i guess...) on me as long as they are happy and i am a part of that.

However... i can still feel betrayed (like if they forget my birthday when i think they shouldn't, or they are just using me, etc. and then my tolerance goes from massive to 0. Once i've been hurt i get distant, even with the ones i truely love, the twinges of pain inevitable in a prolonged relationship, force me away. Where as i would take leaps and bounds towards them before (because thats what friends should do), its now their duty to come to me. if they dont then we never should have been together in the first place.

Ironically i doubt i would pass the tests that i hold the ones who hurt me up to. i handle my logic in a way that works on the surface but in the end i realise that this is not a way that can end well.

yedmeipa yedmeipa
2 Responses Mar 2, 2009

You both sound like very Beautiful Ladies. I wish you both the best. Love shouldn't have to hurt

*huggles* i's sorry you end up hurt.