I Really Really Wish Otherwise.

It's embarassing to even admit it. I guess it's because I am kind of needy. I mean, if someone messages me one day and chats for a long time via internet or phone and if they don't do the same the next day, I panic. I actually frigging panic. Gad, I can't believe I actually do that. I feel like maybe they lost interest in me, maybe I am not interesting enough to anybody after a day. It's true though, it takes only a few hours chat with some like-minded person and I am too much attached to them right away. I sometimes think I need a therapist to sort this out, to distance myself from others atleast by a bit. I don't want to be too vulnerable or too needy like I am now.

P.S. I do hope this doesn't scare away my friends who chat with me here in EP. I promise I won't do it to ya! :P
frootiee frootiee
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i know it can be frustrating it happens to me as well but its only natural to enjoy a sudden connection with someone and for it to suddenly disappear... its a lot to take. ur brave for admitting this not many can, so good on you.

I think your reaction is fairly common, frootiee. Most of us want connections to others, and it feels so exciting when you 'click' so well with someone else. When the connection isn't there any more a knee-jerk reaction is to blame ourselves: not good enough, not popular enough, not into the right crowd or trends, etc., etc. I have to admit I've been there too. Time and experience have tempered that reaction in me, along with an "I'm okay, you're okay" understanding that the world won't suddenly collapse if I haven't heard from my friends and acquaintances for a while. <br />
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Good story, frootiee. A lot of people would be too insecure to share this in the straightforward way you have.

sigh! lately im attached to ep...(O.O)

me too.. o.o