Emotionally Involved And Afraid

i am a female who has been in a relationship for a little over five months with a man; i feel like i am geeting too emotionally involved too soon.   this is the first relationship i have had in several years, i sometimes get afraid of getting my feelings hurt.    so i asked my boyfirend for a two week seperation from each other, no phone calls or emails, so i can see how i feel without any type of communication from him.  when i don't  hear from him(one to two days) i get upset, and a little anxious(not good), number one he stays in another town, works at night, he goes out of his way to make me feel special(drives over an hour to commute, takes me out to dinner, even drives down to see me when he has to work at night and then drives back home with about an hour sleep before goes to work), he even drove to town and stayed about 20 minutes just to tell my selfish *** know that he is not just interested in my body but really cares for me, after i told him i felt that he was only interested in my body(well i didn't get even get a kiss that night,lol).   we are both of different races, he is a private person when it comes to emotions and that bothers me, because communication is very important in a relationship.  he is divorced, i have never been married before.   after this two week seperation is over, he may not be there, i am willing to take that chance; i also want him to have some time to think about what he wants,   i really do care about him, but i am also afraid i am getting too emotionally attached too soon, i need to set him free for awhile and myself to see if this relationship is really strong enough and meant to be.   i need some input.
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May 5, 2012