Isn't That The Truth

It's been two years since that day I was called in and told that I was last hired and need to be the first to go. Wow! My dream job.  I am pretty sure I was the most sought after faculty member to take a class from.  My evaluations were always complimentary and "not too easy, but never missed a class"-like.  
But I did have to "fight" to have those poplar clases put into the curriculum.  I should have laid low...just went with the flow.  Not had passion. Not been so popular.  
Not me though.  Can't do that, but can I do this?  
Nice people finish last?  Not sure there's a finish here.  
But there must be a better solution than the ones that keep poking their ugly little eraserheads up out of my psychic "Requiem for a Dream" shaking brain.
I just can't seem to get enough space on this.  After all that crap - Vietnam, the Bronx, those brutal pedophiles, the sadistic priests - all that and then to be undone by such a smiling, bureaucratic faceless killer.
It was dark and I was laying there next to my brother listening to the street's voices and screams and I shut my eyes and prayed for peace and then life went on but I endured. For this?
No good deed goes "good kid" goes gently into that good night....I should rage against the dying of the light...but I see not thy fearful symmetry but just hear the vaudevillian "So long, Sucker" heckling at my back.

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1 Response Jan 9, 2013

Yeah, I'm gonna need u to write a book... You have an amazing way with words and I'm sorry for what u must be going through, but if u ever feel like letting it out u have at least one interested reader here...