I would like to give a bit of background information. I have always considered myself to be a girl/female. Pre-Puberty it does not matter so much. The problems arise once you begin to develop your Sexual Identity. Very confusing to be Physically one thing and emotionally another. Since puberty I have been attracted to men. I have never been sexually involved with a man - Yet! What follows now is how I intend to go about becoming a woman and getting the body I desire to for a Normal Loving Relationship.

I became resolved to becoming a woman in my second year at Uni. I had not worn women's clothes up to this point, but some of my closer female students knew that I liked to wear them. At the end of the second year the Student Union held a 'Fancy Dress' Party. Some of the Girlfriends suggested I go as a woman and between them came up with the clothes I was to wear. Had to buy a few things though. The women did my make up etc. and if I say so myself I looked fairly stunning, but more importantly 'I Felt Pretty'. That is how my journey into 'Womanhood' Began!!!!

A couple of years or so later.....
I visited A clinic in Thailand for an assessment for a 'Surgical Procedure' for give me a female body. I was prescibed Hair removal medication and a clinic in the UK to continue the procedure. All my 'Body Hair' had to be removed prior to Surgery. About a year ago I started to take 'Phytoestrogens' to develop my Breasts. 'Lucky Me' I am now a 'C' Cup. It will take about another year and my Breasts will be fully Developed. Then......'Hello World'
cassopia cassopia
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Feb 4, 2016