How Is It I Wet the Bed

how is it when i go out for a drink i always wet the bed, why can i not go out and have a good night out with out wetting the bed, my girl friend as never wet the bed and she as been drunk, heve got to make shore there is so plasic sheet on the bed befor i go out i no what will happen when i get home, his this happing beause i always wet the bed when i was young i did it till i was 18. now some time i put plastic pants on with a nappie but some times they leak beause when i pee a do pee a lot, have woke up with the bed being wet from top to bottom and my girl friend bein soaked, there as been times she as gone mad but it was her who got me my plastic pants and she as put them on me when have been to drunk to do it my slef, that turnes me on i must say, my x wife would tell everyone about me wetting the bed my mum told everyone she met, oh well am a bed wetter and if you do not like me beause i do that never mind.

badlad badlad
46-50, M
2 Responses Mar 21, 2009

I agree with kent. As long as you and the bed are protected,what's the big deal.<br />
I don't wet my bed but I feel bad for you.<br />
Sometimes I wake up and my underwear is wet.But not my bed.

As long as we wear diapers (and plastic pants if needed) peopel should not complain or make fun of us for wetting the bed since we cant help it anyhow.<br />