Dirtying My Bed On Thursday!

I am fairly sure Thursday was the day that I made my new bed messy.  I had the day off work and this would be my second or third naughty thing I have done sense moving in my new condo.  It was quite early in the morning I had not even started cleaning yet. So it was around 12:30 about an hour after I woke up. And I had been purposely saving my morning bladder and bowel contents to have a naughty session later on.  But even before 1PM I had to go enough that I decided it was time. 

I was naked still at my computer testing some things out. I got up and went over the my dresser and put on a pair of designed hipster panties with blue and pink flowered , with a pink trim.  And I immediately pushed and filled the back of them with ****!  They tented out right away and I was in a very horny state not yet ************ today.  So I pulled the front of the panties aside and let out a couple second length stream onto my bedroom floor.  Then without stopping the stream I let my panties go and they fell back in place and I began wetting them and pee went all down my legs and I was enjoying it a lot it was really warm and quickly stood up on my bed and wet my panties onto my sheets and mattress for a good 30 seconds straight until I was almost done peeing.  I got back down onto the carpet and still peeing on and off let it run down my legs.  I pushed quite firmly and filled my panties a couple more times it felt really good being this naughty and dirty! 

I felt like I was done ******** myself but I was quite horny. I knew the pee that was running down my legs was not dirty from the BM in my pants or else I would not have done it in bed like that. But I still wanted to make my bed a little more messy. So I pulled up my sheets to look at the little lake or urine which has already been absorbed into the mattress and sheets. But a constant trickle was still leaving the blanket so I lifted the blanket up the my chest and face and dampened my body in my own fluids and licked at my peed blanket. 

Then I pulled the thin sheet off of my mattress to look at the soaked mattress and also for an other reason.  I turned away from my bed and bend down and grinded my ******** panties against the side and corner of my bed peeing and ******** my panties as much as I could in the process. Only a little more poop exited my body but a large amount of pee was left and I could hear it splashing though my panties to the carpet and running down my legs while I was rubbing my dirty panties on my mattress. I turned around kind of worried that I made a mess a little bigger then I wanted right now. But I was glad that there was only a very slight **** smear on my mattress.  I stood there finishing into my panties then I cleaned up. I *********** after it was all clean. Well I left my bed totally alone after pouring a huge amount of water on it.  I only let the water pour on the areas that were peed on. So the **** stain did not get wet. Which was good because after I *********** , which was after my bath and shower.  I used toilet paper to wipe my mattress clean and then a wet cloth. Followed by a lot of febreze!   The sofa which I wet early on during the week did not really stair to much.  I ended up cleaning it a little so it does not smell and there is no noticeable stain unless you look super close. 

My bed is also 100% fine as of this moment.  This was a very horny session and I plan on having a week long bed wetting event in the upcoming weeks or months. Were I wet my bed for seven days in a row every time I need to pee it will be in my bed with one extra rule.  No cleaning of any kind until the week is over.  So it will smell and be stained a lot! 
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great story and im glad to know im not the only one that wets the bed without cleaning it

Wow, so you let the mattress stain, that's very hot!!

Lovely WetgirlEP, do you ever smell the poop stains later on, and get turned on by the smell?

joabunns - I have done this a lot already. There more I need to tell when I have time. Ive been taking it very nice and easy and allowing myself to be horny and take care of my own natural needs several times a day. Its really refreshing having your own place. I can ********** in areas besides my own bedroom or bathroom during any time of day. And if the mood strikes for a naughty pee on the kitchen floor I can just go a head and do it at a moments notice.

Instead of washing down with water, which can cause mold to grow, just let the stain be. Or dry with a towel, but otherwise let the pee stain. That would be extremely naughty! I would love to hear about more incidents where you don't clean up and just let it stain. The smell dissipates after awhile. So hot!

Totally agree, extremely hot!

Cool! Ya know...perhaps a pic or two of even just your messy jeans or panties would be SO hot!!<br />
:) LoL<br />
<br />
Have a good one!

pure love here :)

That sounds like a very fun filled week for you. Do you need a roomate? Haha. I look forward to hearing all about it. A few pics of your fun and the aftermath would be lovely.