It Feels So Good

I am not sure what I like more - bedwetting or wearing my cloth diapers and plastic panties.   I was a bedwetter growing up and my mom made me wear cloth pinned on diapers and plastic panties.  I actually liked being a bedwetter and I liked it that I had to wear diapers and plastic panties.  I still like the feeling of being a diapered bedwetter and having to wear thick cloth diapers and plastic panties because I am a bedwetter. At night in dry diapers and plastic panties and in the morning in my wet diapers and plastic panties I am happy.  I hump on my bed in my diapers and plastic panties because I am a diapered bedwetter

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Omg. My mom forced me into a cloth diaper & plastic pants cuz I would not take the time to stop to go pee when I was playing. I didn't like it at the time but now if I could find a baby mommy to make me do this it would be the biggest turn on. I have to diaper myself & I am trying desperately to find a baby mommy to humiliate me & have fun with.

I love to put my face in my wet sheets when I wake. I think this stems from my childhood when I often had my nose rubbed in my wet sheets.

I rubbed my own noise in my wet sheets as a preteen, trying to punish myself to stop bedwetting. I ended up with a sticky weenie aferwards!

In my bed-wetting youth, when not diapered, I sometimes pulled my peed pajama bottoms down over my head before rubbing my face in the stain. Expect there was an element of self-punishment to it, but more importantly I loved the aroma. Amazes me how similar are activities were/are.

I love both too - I had to wear cloth nappies and plastic pants too until I was nearly 10. There's something particularly babyish about having cloth nappies still pinned on you before bed and having your legs lifted up to pull on the plastic panties. <br />
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I also have a naughty love of just putting plastic sheets on my bed and wetting and then writhing around in it. I also have a strange love of putting my face in it and slurping up some of the pee - I can't explain it.

More people should try it. There is nothing wrong with being a bedwetter diapered or not. It does no harm and gives a lot of pleasure. I wouldn't ever go back to being dry at night.

I have only just started to weaar a diaper again in the last 9 months however before then i would just wake in my wet bed and hump my plastic sheet

i want to be a bedwetter you are lucky

Go for it being a bedwetter is one of lifes simple pleasures. You will either love it or hate it. I for one love being a bedwetter and everything that goes with it. I couldn't imagine being dry at night now.