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My nights were fairly active growing up. I wet the bed most nights until I was about 13. I also sucked my thumb and sometimes sleepwalked. My habits drove my parents crazy but especially my mother. She was a bedwetter and sleepwalker too when she was younger. I heard grandma was pretty mean to her about it. Grandma always denied it. I think it was like reliving the past for her. She seemed very ashamed every time I did it. Of course I didn't feel good either.

When I was little I bed wet pretty much every night. As I got older I started skipping nights. Sometimes I would go a week, two weeks, without wetting. Then wet a whole week in a row. It drove my mother crazy. She couldn't understand why that happened. She thought it was all in my control. I don't know why it happened either. She tried restricting my liquids, making me go when I was already in the bed and falling asleep. I was as anxious and frustrated as she was.

In the morning I usually woke to her hand on the bottom of my pj's. If I was wet I had to get in the bath right away before I did anything else. Most of the time I was barely awake. She would be very animated, sometimes yelling sometimes quietly simmering but always expressing disappointment. She would tell me to get out of bed and rip the wet sheets from it. She would complain about all the extra washing she had to do. When I got around 11 or 12 I had to wash the sheets myself. It didn't help that my year older sister pretty much grew out of her wetting and thumbsucking by age 8.

What I really hated was the weekends. She usually slept late. If I got up before her, which I usually did, I had to march right to her room, wake her up and let her inspect my pajamas to see if I wet. If I did it was straight to the bath. It was like a feeling of impending doom to take that walk of shame on the bad days.

I never wore diapers. Dad suggested it. Mom wouldn't hear of it. "Diapers were for babies" she would say, and I wasn't a baby. Every time I didnt wet I had turned the corner, every night I wet, "was going to be the last." I had that awful, uncomfortable, crinkly plastic sheet on my bed. It was loud, obvious, and not completely waterproof.  We did the flip-the-mattress thing also. My room smelled like pee. I went through several mattresses until I got to high school. Needless to say, I didn't have friends over or go to sleepovers.

I eventually did stop wetting the bed. There was no magic moment. I just gradually had more and more dry nights. The plastic sheet came off after freshman year. I only had a handful of accidents all through high school. Usually, at the worst time for me, before finals, or some stressful event.

I thought I was scot free, from the bedwetting at least. The thumbsucking was more persistent but I learned not to do it in public for the most part. Then I went away to college. I had my first drink of alcohol there. That's when I learned that drinking lead to wetting practically %100 percent of the time for me and I had to go through everything all over again.
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I wet the bed until, I guess 25 or so... not so frequently in my late teens/early 20's but STILL did. I am 30 now and haven't had an "accident" in some years. It was HORRIBLE growing up. My mom wanting me to take all sorts of medications, my dad arguing with her with regards to pharmaceuticals. I had bed alarms (the kind that would alarm when you "wet", but all they did was wake up the rest of the family!!! I slept through it all). I got really good at waking up "wet", putting ANOTHER towel down to be able to fall asleep "dry". I also learned to do laundry at a very early age. I did go to sleep overs (mainly with a really great friend "Steph"), but I never was able to tell her or her family of my "problem"... I would stop drinking liquids at 6 PM, stay up in bed as late as I possibly could so that I could use the bathroom "one last time" and would still wet the bed... I remember blaming it on the dog... pretending that no one would notice, putting new linens over the old (if I were on vacation with my friends family... "no one will notice, i will be the only one sleeping in this bed until we leave..." They must have known and bless them for being so patient and understanding. Now my nephew, who is 7 wets the bed... I will try all I have to let him know that it does get better.... But it is hard. I have no shame, now, it's much easier well after the fact. It shouldn't be so shameful, but unfortunately when you are a kid going through it... it feels horribly shameful...

You are very right on. For me the shame has left too. But I had a good friend that could never get over it. She was well adjusted but couldn't talk about that aspect of our lives.

Just wear terry nappies and tight plastic pants at night. No more wet sheets.

I had a very wet childhood too. There was a big difference in the way it was handled. My mom was kind and understanding for the most part. My wetting started after my parents divorce and I think she felt a little guilty. She kept it our little secret and at fist it was clean sheets and pj's everyday. After a doctors visit,one evening I was introduced to diapers. She explained that my wetting was causing her a lot of extra work and i would also be more comfortable if she could put me back in diapers.No 5 yo is going to take that lightly but soon I was in bed with diapers and plastic panties on under my pajamas. that continued for the next few years. Hated it them would love it now.

I think his attitude about your wearing diapers would make a big difference. For instance if he put them on you in a really loving manner, and went out of his way to let you know that he wanted you to wear them out of love for you, that would work a lot better than if he was cold and aloof about it and expected you to deal with the diapers by yourself. <br />
<br />
Doesn't it feel more comfortable to wake up in a wet diaper but a dry bed than in a wet bed?

Good story I dreamed the other night I was in the woods peeing and peed the bed. LOL

Probably that is the most common reason of bedwetting. Dreaming that you are peeing, and doing it on bed ! :)

it is ok my wife stille wet the bed every night and still sucked her thumbwhen shehad her head on my chest right up to her death at 19<br />
<br />
her mother was tje greats she never mad anything out of both of us still in diapers she made sure we were diapered at bed time beofre we took our night medications as with in just a few minutes we would be out we alwasy woke up aound midnight and found we just had training pants on as we snuggled up to each other<br />
<br />
then our mother woke us up at 2 ma to get ready for work and school

I wet the bed until i was 13 and my parents spanked me because they were sure i was doing it on purpose the Dr. said there was no reason for it but about half way through my thirteenth year i just started waking up instead of wetting the bed. Thank god because i never could go to sleep overs or anything like that either.

Your story is pretty simmular to mine growing up i wet nightly but i also would wet my pants during the day some times multiple times aday . BTW great story , the end result would be to diapered for the rest of the day i had to spend the rest of the day inside in just a diaper.