My Thick Diaper

As I am sitting here writing this, I am sitting in the thickest diaper that I could find and it is soaking wet, one more wetting I think it may leak but I'm about to have a nap so I look forward to going to sleep with a nice big thick wet diaper between my legs and the warmth on my private parts then waking up wetting again and seeing if this diaper leak
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6 Responses Feb 23, 2012

i would love to feel your wet warm diaper getting leaked

I like to keep my nighttime diaper on in the morning and enjoy its warm, wetness against my *****. I wear it until it is so totally saturated that it starts to leak.

There will always be this contradiction between feeling safe for the night with a voluptuous enough buffer, and making sure it gets soaked enough to really get the diaper feeling. It often happens I start to drink more, because it can take more, and then I go to sleep it's already very soaked, by then I often feel too excited to sleep, because of knowing it will never hold my morning pee.. and more.
Often I last minute decide to change and I then sometimes put on a fresh one that is less thick, just to make sure again it's filled to the brim right after my morning coffee 'sofa toilet' visit.

I read your story, read the comments, seems most of us like to wear our diapers after using them, most times until they fail. I could say it was a matter of money and using the diaper to it's full potential, but no, I like the feeling of wetting one time too many and having it leak out soaking my panties.
Using the diaper at least once before going to bed is very popular, going to sleep is easier, and when I wake up I don't have to rush off to the bathroom, I can pee on the way to the kitchen instead. Nice, freshly wet, happy and comfortable.

I have allways woren my night diaper a wile aftergetting up unless i have to get dressed right a way

Sadly I didn't but as soon as I woke up I wet,