3rd Time Wetting The Bed

Hi, I used to be a bed wetter as a child but stopped wetting the bed when i was about 8 years old in the last 12 months i have wet the bed three times. I woke up wetting all three times and did not even know i was wetting until i woke up. Its becoming a more regular event. How normal or not normal is it, I enjoy wearing diapers but only as fun, but im thinking if i keep on wetting the bed i might have to wear them every night as I have woken up a few times and started to wet but ran to the toilet in time just before i wet myself.
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3 Responses Jul 19, 2012

i just can say enjoy it
i would love to have a bedwetting girlfriend

I don't know if bed wetting is reversible when you purposely retrain your brain and bladder. I suppose it's possible, but I think it would require tremendous effort. After spending all the time and effort to become a bed wetter, I wouldn't want to reverse it!

As a teen I was a very heavy sleeper and I use to dream about getting up and going to the bathroom and sitting on the potty to pee to find out I was actually peeing in my bed. I finally grew out of it, but today I still wear diapers on occasions for comfort and convenience.