Deception And Plastic Knickers

Don't be fooled - things are not always what they seem to be.

A couple of months ago my wife was convinced I was wetting the bed as she kept finding damp patches on the bottom sheet and, without asking me, went to a chemist shop and bought a pair of adult plastic pants which she the insisted I wear throughout the night. She thought of asking about adult nappies as well but was too embarrassed to go into such detail with the male shop assistant.

Each night, as I put them on, I felt stimulated by the feel of the plastic against my skin and usually got an almost immediate ere*ction which I nursed in bed!! My wife washed the pants out in the mornings but after almost a week of doing that complained that the inside of the knickers were not only damp but sticky as well and accused me of mastu*r*bating in them.

As much as I liked the idea, I consulted a doctor instead who came to the conclusion that, as in a youth's boyhood, I was continuing to have wet dreams and that the condition could go as fast as it had arrived and (thankfully) I was not incontinent. Needless to say that because of the sensual pleasure they gave me, I continued to wear the knickers on every possible occasion (even to work during the day sometimes!!!) and now have a really full  appreciation of the delights in wearing plastic pants!!!

At the time of adding this footnote (jan 4th) this story had been read by 156 pepople but ony a very few had added any comment to it.  I do hope that readers get pleasure out of reading about my activities and it would be encouraging if more would say something, even remarks such as 'disgusting', 'I can do that', 'I don't believe you','liar' or 'perverted old wa*nke*r' would suffice, at least it would be some form of response which would impel me to greater efforts.  PLEASE !!!

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1 Response Dec 12, 2012

Why not wash them out yourself? Warm water, a little bit of soap and a quick rinse - they're easy to keep clean.

And they do feel so fine to wear to bed, don't they...?