i've been wetting pretty much forever. At first i used to wear the pullups where if you peed in them, the princesses would disappear. Now that i'm 16 i usually wear goodnites or underjams. sometimes i wear a pampers cruiser to bed though. those hold a TON of pee. 

sophieepstein sophieepstein
18-21, F
1 Response Feb 16, 2010

i was the same wet the bed every night i would sometimes have them baby plastic pants on for bed i wet the bed till i was about 19 but it comes back now when i go out drinking i do not at to drink a lot and i wet the bed have come home or been i a friends house and been drinking and just fell asleep and woke up with my pants wet now thats when you feel ashamed coz if am in my bed have got a plastic sheet on the mattress and its my bed thats getting wet have stayed out and wet other beds and there mattress as been saoked i stil sometimes put on them baby plastic pants for bed i had a girl friend once who who put them on me and put a towle in them but thats coz she did not want to be in a wet bed in the morning i always say if you meet someone and u no your going to have them stay over the night tell them you wet the bed if they like you they wil be ok about it i tel girls now if there staying and we having a drink i may wet the bed and they wil feel my plastic sheet on the bed i wil always ask them how would they feel if they woke up in a wet bed and a lot of them have been cool about it hope to hear from u