so this was about a week ago. I'm still on summer break so i'm usually either hanging with friends or at home watching tv and such. my older brother, dylan, likes to pick on me a lot, especially when i do things that annoy him. so my parents were out to dinner with some friends, and he was watching me (I'm 16 but he likes to convince my parents he needs to watch me so he can mess with me.) "Hey Marisa" he said as he came into my room without knocking. "Seriously I've asked you to knock like a thousand times" i said. "Oh wow do I sense attitude" he replied and laughed, sitting on my bed next to me. I rolled my eyes. "dylan please just leave i don't need a babysitter" he did one of those fake gasps. "but your just a baby!" i hit him on his arm, which was a mistake. "oh the baby needs to be punished for hitting." he said and i began to get scared. i tried to get up to run away but he grabbed my waistband tight and held it while i tried to run. after about 30 seconds when i realized his grip was to tight for me i stopped running and he dragged me over to the bed by the waistband and turned me around to face him. he gave me a melvin so hard that i dangled in the air. "owww dylan stop" i kept begging but he wouldn't, and my undrwear wasn't ripping, it actually never ripped throughout the whole punishment, which really sucked. ok so then he let me down and told me i could pick it, but when i did, he yanked it right back up before i could run away and carried me over to my hook on the back of my door. he hung me by me melvin so my back was facing him. he then proceeded to yank the back up for a couple seconds. he opened my door and left to go downstairs and came back after about half an hour. he brought up duct tape and taped my arms together and then took me down from the hook. he tugged a little on the front even though it couldn't go up any further. he tugged a little on the back and then layed me down on my bed and tied my feet. he left me there all night and told my parents i had gone to bed and to leave me alone because i was really tired. so i had to sleep in the worst melvin ever and i couldn't pick it because i was tied up. he let me go in the morning after a couple squeaky cleans. it took me forever to pick it out!!!!! he does stuff like this to me all the time so comment if you wanna hear more. i have a lot to tell lol
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Do people at school/siblings still give wedgies? I have never encountered them outside of movies and TV.


Wow that sounds painful lol I would love to hear more